Great Indie Film

Saw this last night at a festival. What a nice movie about the beautiful town of Tarpon Springs, Florida. A family feature about what can happen when you tragically lose a member and then dealing with it for many years. The actors did a very good job showing the emotions everyone connected will go through when unforeseen events change their lives.


Great film

Had the privilege of watching this independent film- very entertaining. The acting was so good and passionate- you could not only watch but feel the raw emotion and feelings. The film is rich in tradition and culture which adds to the viewing experience. The scenery and setting was incredibly beautiful. It is really an enjoyable movie- can’t recommend enough!


Visually & Emotionaly Beautiful

What a delight to look into a community, a family, with Greek traditions. Coming of age is tough and for some its even more complicated. Family is drawn to family, is life is full of disappointments, but this story shows that together they can navigate the rough waters of life.


Epiphany Movie is a Glorious Gem of a Film!

When considering a family feature film that is truly heartfelt; this is a memorable pick. The cast of characters are resonating with cultural values of love, acceptance and redemption expressed beautifully. The relationships portrayed in Epiphany are refreshingly real. The young female protagonist, Luca, a first generation American, speaks strongly to young women of today in their need for understanding their cultural heritage. The picturesque Tarpon Springs, Florida setting is ideal for the movie locale. Many of the outdoor scenes shot at the Spring Bayou and St. Nicholas Cathedral are wonderfully depicted. This film takes time and care to show the traditional celebration of Epiphany from a youthful perspective. The complexities of personal relationships within a family and the community relationships are strongly expressed. The resolutions of coming to terms with loss of family members is boldly shown. I have enjoyed this poignant movie so much that my family and I went twice! The local movie theater was sold out when we saw the second viewing. The vibrant music adds a rich undertone to the cohesiveness of the movie plot. My hope is that this Epiphany film will win national audience appeal and receive international respect for its cultural significance. It is certainly an outstanding achievement for two sisters that had a dream to write and film this tribute to Tarpon Springs and the Epiphany celebration for about 30 years. I am so grateful that their dream has come to fruition as a remarkable inspiration to writers and storytellers.


Genuine.Touching. Stunning!

You are invited in their culture & lives as you connect and empathize with the humanity of the characters. Culture, history & subtle symbolism are woven together with complex characters, strong performances and gorgeous scenery. A beautiful film & uplifting story for the entire family to experience together.


A Must See!!!

I have been fortunate to see this small independent film twice. Having heard good things about the film, I sat on the edge of my seat in anticipation of a great storyline and acting. This movie did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I also had an “a ha” moment when I realized the plot twist. Once I saw the plot twist, I had a huge smile on my face as the entire storyline came together. It was wonderful to see how the characters meshed together, both in real life struggles, and real life celebrations. The second time I saw the film, I was really happy to be able to enjoy the true meaning of the film and thoroughly enjoyed it again. You must see this film if you believe in the storyline of family trials and tribulations, and the people who help make a family work.


Epiphany The Film

Epiphany follows the story of Luka, a young girl desperate to connect with her negligent father and rebuild her family in a Greek sponge diving town in Florida.


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January 26, 2020 at 2PM